Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Liberty Alliance: Championing Liberty and Dignity in our Human Community

U.S. Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter,
Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee

The poster-child of failed hopes, today’s United Nations (UN) is a global Tammany Hall lethal to the liberty and dignity of our human family.

First, the UN’s membership is stacked against free people. According to Freedom House, of 192 UN member states, 89 are “fully free” and 103 are not. Thus, a solid majority (54%) of member states know liberty directly threatens their survival, which requires the suppression of their own peoples and, through their UN membership, the entire human community.

Yet, since 1945, the U.S. has been the UN’s largest annual contributor. In 2006, American taxpayers forked over $423.5 million in dues (or 22% of the UN’s regular budget) and over $5.3 billion in total to the UN. Still, we and all free people remain the UN’s tyrants’ favorite targets.

Two statistics gauge this dysfunction: Only 46% of the UN’s members are free nations; but the UN’s top ten financial contributors are all free nations.

In our global age, wherein a world condensed by an internet cannot endure half-slave and half-free, we can no longer rely on a debased UN for collective security. With our survival at stake, all free nations must prudently diminish their participation in the UN; and unite in the cause of human dignity and liberty.

We must create a Liberty Alliance.

Transcending the “Community of Democracies,” the Liberty Alliance must be founded upon the self-evident truth all human beings are endowed by their Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and it must be steeped in the wisdom extending liberty to the enslaved will ensure liberty for ourselves.

The Liberty Alliance’s members must free nations. Observer nations must domestically expand their people’s liberty before admission as members. Importantly, member nations diminishing their people’s liberty must be demoted to Observer status and, when necessary, expelled from the Alliance.

The governing structure of the Liberty Alliance shall be determined by its member nations with the objective being the maximization of transparency, equity, and democracy in accordance with the effective expansion of human liberty and dignity. The Alliance, in President Truman’s words, “must assist free peoples to work out their own destinies in their own way.” Thus, through diplomatic, political, economic, and cultural initiatives, the Alliance will empower and emancipate individuals, communities, and emerging free governments from dictatorial rule. Further, the Alliance must not have a military component; and must never infringe upon a member nation’s rights.

The Liberty Alliance’s headquarters shall be sited on the free soil once scarred by colonialism, communism, fascism, world wars, and the Holocaust – Eastern Europe, where, cradled in the intrepid human sprit, liberty’s lamp triumphantly pierced these benighted recesses of evil.

Finally, the Liberty Alliance would not invite the Free World to exit the UN. The U.S. and all free nations should remain in the UN to keep a wary eye on liberty’s enemies. But we must stop paying through the nose to get kicked in our assets. Instead, we and other free nations will pay the UN just as much as does a free-loading tyrant. Free nations’ monies and personnel spared from the UN shall be dedicated to the Liberty Alliance.

Discombobulated global sophisticates will decry the Liberty Alliance as undesirable and impossible. They are overwrought and wrong. Within the Alliance, Americans and all free peoples will remain cemented and steeled by the harmonic bonds of liberty, comity, and duty; and, like our greatest generations of all free nations, we, will not bend, we will not break in our reasoned faith in a future graced by free nations.


Eric T said...

I think our state has the answer to be free of oil. Oil creates my job I don't want to see my job disappear. I can hardly feed my wife even. But the idea for a enegy plan to protect us from any disruptions to the oil supply line I feel is so grand that I have to share it with you. I drive a fuel tanker we plug them in at the end of the day to keep the glowplugs from freezing up. Visualize Driving your GM Volt electric car to work. The Company you work for has Electrical Outlets on their parking lots with solar panels on the roof of the building to charge the battery when you are at work. You can drive for free If your here in Michigan. Autos only account for 25% of oil use and would not destroy the free market like some people claim it will. Back and forth to work could be free for Michigan residents. If Granholm and Bishop and everyone could see that goal and work towards it together. Michigan would be the place everyone wants to come and do business. We definately don't want too much, foreign influnces clouding goals I think to the states best interest not to be to loud about it. The Supreme court challenge to the 2nd Amendment could be a huge problem. Creating a state Militia may just be a good way to create way around To protect the constitution from communist influence in the Event a Judge would try to Usurp control. And Federal Law would attempt To disarm the country. Our State should have a Militia to assist our police, help put out forest fires, aid in the event of a large scale disaster, react to a foreign invasion just like They did in Iraq. (Al Sadr) or in the event of breakdown of federal government. If gun violence is really plagueing the state. It is important to prevent visitors to our country on visas or illegals from access to Weapons here, Unless, at a range that is renting them for entertainment. Our state could raise the age of the gun owners and post the new laws on the billboards on the expressways to 25 for a handgun 21 for a shotgun or rifle. 30 for military style Form 4 weapons. I think John Edwards has best plan on social security and the Republicans are going to have a hard time offering what he is. I love my wife the family of a working taxpayer. I'd like to know that when I can't handle work anymore. The government is going to starve me out and I'm one paycheck from a disaster. And that is the rich guys are being afraid to kick in a little. I believe they can go on it and receive payments too and we know they ain't going to let a dollar slide past them and they should be paying it as well.

Eric T said...

This is the most inspiring thing I have ever read.

Eric T said...

"Liberty Alliance", and "Let it Bleed" are the two most inspiring pieces of literature ever written on politics.