Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boehner Announces Plans to Form GOP Fiscal Integrity Task Force for Comprehensive Attack on Government Waste

House GOP Policy Committee Chairman McCotter Tapped to Head Task Force; Members to Be Appointed in Coming Days

WASHINGTON, DC – House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today announced plans to form a special GOP task force to identify and fight for spending reforms “that will get government off Americans’ backs and out of their wallets.” The Leader’s Fiscal Integrity Task Force (“FIT Force”) will be headed by Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee.

“Americans are tired of Washington wasting their hard-earned money while they’re getting squeezed by the rising cost of living,” Boehner said. “Republicans are the party of fiscal integrity, and we’re going to prove it to Americans by fighting as a team for reforms that will get government off their backs and out of their wallets.”

“We need to attack the problem of wasteful spending in its entirety, from earmarks to entitlement spending, and everything in between,” Boehner added. “I appreciate Thad’s willingness to lead this task force, and I look forward to appointing a broad cross-section of members from throughout our Conference to serve on it.”

The goal for the task force, Boehner said, will be to put fiscal integrity into government budgeting, taxing, and spending, and to demand that Congress run the federal government like a family budget.

Boehner noted the task force will not be starting from scratch, but rather will be able to draw from work already done by the Policy Committee, House Republicans’ internal “Reasons to Believe” working groups, Republican committee members, and others, in addition to incorporating new solutions.

1 comment: said...

Would LOVE to see a list of wasteful programs and spending that we could actually cut along with specific dollar amounts.

Hope the task force will produce that sort of tangible material... this is the sort of thing that's long overdue and could have a real positive effect.